Thiết bị kích sóng Wifi Repeater xiaomi Pro bộ kích sóng wifi Xiaomi Pro dùng cho mạng 2.4Ghz băng thông 300 Mbps,BẢO HÀNH 1 ĐỔI 1

● Two powerful high-gain external antennas give wider coverage and better performance● Wireless function, make your wireless coverage larger● Compatible with other brands router● Transmission rate: 300Mbps● Support up to 64 devices to fulfill the needs of the whole family● Manage your network settings easily with the Xiaomi Mi WiFi APP● This amplifier will upgrade automatically without any setting● Plug and play, easy to use FAQ:Why can’t find an amplifier in my device?You need to choose mainland China, then find this device, and then connect, because the amplifier is in Chiness versionWhat do the different colors of the indicator light mean?The blue light is always on: the amplifier is running normally, and the WiFi pairing is successful.The yellow light is always on: the amplifier is starting up, the process is very short, about 10 seconds.Blinking blue: Waiting for pairing, pairing, or pairing failed.The pairing failed. The original network’s WiFi password may be changed or it may be far from the original network.Steady red light: The boot failed, please re-plug and try to repair. If the problem persists, please call after-sales service.Why The amplifier is always flashing orange, then the blue light is flashing?The initial setting was unsuccessful. After inserting the Xiaomi router USB, the pairing could not be completed.Please upgrade your router to the latest development or stable version (2.0 or above)Check if the amplifier has been paired. If it has been paired, please reset the amplifier to the factory settings (hold the reset hole with the card pin for 5 seconds), then re-pairThe paired amplifier appears blue flashingTry plugging or unplugging the amplifier, or reset the amplifier (use the PIN pin to hold the reset hole for 5 seconds) before re-pairingHow to customize the network name and password of the amplifier?Not supported yet,How to upgrade the firmware?When the amplifier is idle, it is found that the upgradeable version will automatically complete the upgrade;In addition, you can manually upgrade to the latest firmware through the Xiaomi routing client or Xiaomi smart home client.Why can’t the amplifier get the signal from the router?Need to connect the router at close range, so that the amplifier can get a stable signal, at least two squares or more .Original Xiaomi Pro 300M WiFi Router Amplifier Repeater Signal Cover Extender Roteador 2 Wireless Router Repetidor Mi repeater