A Look at Cropbytes | Farming Game on the Blockchain | Play to Earn TRX

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Cropbytes is a farming simulation game in the crypto-verse.

It has been part of the crypto gaming revolution since early 2018 and has transformed traditional game economics to make it easier for anyone to play and earn.

It’s an online crypto game based on the real-world farming economy where you play and own assets inside a game and use them to provide goods and services to other players or trade them in the market.

Just like any other blockchain game, their goal is to create real value in the virtual world through gaming.


The goal is to become a farming tycoon!

You start with free trial assets. Invest Tron(TRX) and buy starter packs and other crypto assets from the market to take your farming business to the next level. Play daily to produce goods and provide services.

Grow a variety of crops & fruits harvest them to make food for your animals or make returns by trading them.

Feed Animals to collect produce like milk, eggs, and more.

Then convert animal products to Game Coins (GC) that can be used in many ways like buying NFTs & Pro assets to boost your farm’s output. Superhero NFTs can also be used for breeding & the future in battles.


Create an account by clicking this link so you could get up to 500TRX worth of assets in-game if you complete the task. 
Create your account: https://cropbytes.com/invite/A1CC25

Type in the necessary information like name, email, and password then sign up. you will then be asked to provide the 6digit code sent to your email. And you’re in!

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You could browse the website for more info regarding the game.

Btw, I’m using a laptop browser now but this is also available on the app store for IOS and google play for android. So yes, if case you’re wonndering, you can play it on mobile.

Now click PLAY GAME on the top menu to see what’s inside.

Take a tour to learn how to navigate the game. I will explain more about this in my more in-depth video about Cropbytes.

Upon signing up you will receive 7 DAY FREE TRIAL Assets consisting of animals, cropland, seeds, and water.

Use it to explore and once you’ve decided that this is game is for you, invest in Tron or TRX to buy starter packs to get started.

Yeap, this is NOT FREE TO PLAY but don’t worry it doesn’t require a large investment to start. Starters packs range from 299 TRX to 899 TRX.


All the extracts we get from the animals can be converted into Game Coin.

And that game coin can be used in many ways, you could simply trade them for TRX, Or you could also use the game coin to buy other assets or NFT Superheroes to help your farm be more productive.

As the game moves forward, these game coins will also be used as tokens on the mini-games.

So the first way to earn is simply by checking in daily for a few minutes to farm.

You could also invest in machinery like grinding mills which is heavily used in-game to provide services for other players for a fee.

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Take about passive income.

But if you want a faster ROI, then explore trading in-game. Buy LOW, Sell High.

Your return will greatly depend on your farming strategy.


If you are someone who wants to get started on blockchain gaming and is looking for a game that doesn’t require much time and effort, or maybe you already have many games and you’re looking for another nft game to invest in that doesn’t require much grinding then this is perfect for you.

Coz’ you only need a few minutes a day to play and earn on this game.

But let me tell you that this is NOT that kind of ‘easy money-making game.

It’s a long term investment kind of game. Slow but steady earning.

I would actually recommend it to your partner, friend or relative who you want to introduce on crypto gaming or trading because this game can help you learn the basics of trading.

So if you want to play and enjoy, then this game is definitely worth a try.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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